[syslinux] dhcp.h/dhcppack.c/dhcpunpack.c: license and enhancement

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Feb 12 10:13:13 PST 2012

On 02/12/2012 06:01 AM, Gene Cumm wrote:
> I had grabbed dhcp.h/dhcppack.c/dhcpunpack.c from
> http://www.zytor.com/~hpa/syslinux/dhcp/ months ago when we were
> talking about it more and it's been rather nice to use.  Should it
> contain a copyright/license header?  Currently I'm just using them
> as-is in com32/lib/ for pxechn.c32.

It really should, yes.

> Also, as I stated yesterday, I need to be able to use DHCP options
> 66/67 as real options (not just their DHCP fields) and thought either
> a flag argument to dhcp_pack_packet() or a flags field on struct
> dhcp_option would work.  I think the flags field (probably as a
> uint32_t) would be better as I could foresee wanting to have the
> options in a certain order in order to satisfy some NBP in the future.
>  I'm thinking the order section would be the lowest 8-9 bits (such
> that masking reveals the order number).  0 would indicate no order
> specified (which says add it to the tail) and the maximum value would
> attempt to insert it at the head (with option 53 always taking
> precedence).

I'm not entirely sure what you're proposing here... the bit about 66/67
scares the heck out of me, but I guess that's Microsoft idiocy for you.

> If object size were a concern, these features could be implemented in
> a new set of functions such that the original stays compact and
> intact.  It would increase the running memory requirements 50% but
> 1024B is so small it shouldn't be a concern.

I don't think it matters.

> If you feel you want this on the list, feel free to reply on-list.

Yes, please.


H. Peter Anvin, Intel Open Source Technology Center
I work for Intel.  I don't speak on their behalf.

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