[syslinux] Syslinux 5.00-pre6: call it a beta

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Jul 1 07:24:42 PDT 2012

On 06/30/2012 09:50 AM, Helmut Hullen wrote:
>> Make sure you have the library .c32 modules installed.  In
>> particular, I suspect you either don't have libcom32.c32 or don't
>> have ldlinux.c32 in your system...
> Both files exist, among many other *.c32 files in "/isolinux".
> I've just tried the same procedure with "syslinux-4.05" (with the
> "official" slackware packet):
> copy "<packet>/usr/share/sylinux" over "<CD>/isolinux" (over syslinux
> 3.84); burn the CD, boot: all works fine.
> Who or what produces the "vesacom_set_background" error message?
> I'd prefer working with "vesamenu" instead of pure CLI ...

The error comes from the module loader not finding a module it requires. 
  It is very hard to know based on the information you have given why 
the module isn't being found, so again, any help (including posting the 
.iso) would be extremely helpful.

It could be that the module is there but the loader doesn't find it for 
some reason, or some other issue.


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