[syslinux] [RESEND][RFC GIT PATCHES] acpioff: COM32 module to shut off machine using ACPI

Erwan Velu erwanaliasr1 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 12:51:22 PDT 2012

Le 18/03/2012 19:32, Andy Walls a écrit :
> Hi Erwan,
> Aside from parsing the ACPI tables and turning power off, do you know of
> any other ACPI functions that SYSLINUX or a COM32 module might need?
> Regards,
> And
At least mine : HDT.
The more functions will be available to detect hw or take action on it, 
the  more HDT will evolve ;o)

Being in position to shutdown the pc could be part of the scripting 
action of HDT. I'm not enought ACPI expert to image all the usage that 
ACPI can offer me. As a my first start I was trying to detect the 
tables, but why not reporting more info like fan / temp / trip points / 


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