[syslinux] "memdisk + FreeDOS + Ghost" fail to work

anctop anctop at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 01:00:12 PDT 2012


I'd like to create a bootable CD to run Ghost. Before generating the
.iso, I tested it on a system with a FAT partition and had
syslinux-4.05 installed. However it failed.

Here are the steps :
1. copied "memdisk" to the FAT partition.
2. as my copy of Ghost (v11.50 from solution suite v2.5) no longer
fits on a single floppy, I created a "large" floppy image of size 3MB
from a standard FreeDOS v1.1 boot floppy, and copied "ghost.exe" and
"ghost.env" into the image.
3. the image "Ghost.img" created in (2) was copied to the FAT partition.
4. restarted the computer.
5. at the "boot:" prompt, I entered "memdisk initrd=Ghost.img floppy
h=64 s=32", then booting started and finally gave the familiar "A:\>"
6. then I type "ghost" and press enter. The program loaded and the
display switched to the graphics mode. Normally the license screen
should appear immediately, but it did not. I had to wait for about 3
minutes, noticed that the FDD and HDD lights flashed 2-3 times, then
the license screen appeared.
7. from the small menu I chose to check a disk, but an error box
appeared, saying "There is no valid Source Drive to choose". I was
sure that the hard disks could be seen because "fdisk /status"
reported correctly.

I've also tried different versions of memdisk(syslinux),
DOS(FreeDOS/DR-DOS/MS-DOS), and Ghost, but all look the same.

Could someone tell me what I've done wrong ?

Thanks in advance.

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