[syslinux] help

Gert Hulselmans hulselmansgert at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 12:45:59 PDT 2012

2012/3/27 Prof S W Damle <swdamle at bsnl.in>:
> How ever I am unable to boot Local Hard Disk that is configured as
> follows:
> label localboot
>  menu default
>  menu label ^0. Boot local hard disk
>  kernel chain.c32
>  append hd0 0
> label localboot
>  menu default
>  menu label ^1. Boot WinXP/Win98/Win2000
>  kernel chain.c32
>  append hd0 1

You have 2 times the same label name.

Does it give an error message?
Is this a part of a Syslinux config file inside the ISOhybrid image?
Are you booting from an USB stick? If you are, then if your USB stick
is seen like a hard disk, it will be hd0. Your internal disk will then
normally be hd1.

The following syntax is more specific (less guessing for Syslinux):

label localboot
  menu default
  menu label ^1. Boot WinXP/Win98/Win2000
  com32 chain.c32
  append hd1,1

- Gert

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