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Gert Hulselmans hulselmansgert at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 03:26:24 PDT 2012

2012/3/31 Prof S W Damle <swdamle at bsnl.in>:
> 31Mar2012
> Hello,
> Gert Hulselmans
> Yes I am  booting from an USB stick.
> Done the change  as follows,
> label localboot
>  menu default
>  menu label ^1. Boot WinXP/Win98/Win2000
>  com32 chain.c32
>  append hd1,1
>  in
> \mybootcd\isolinux\isolinux.cfg >CREATED File "mybootcd.iso"
> On resart I observed as follows,
> Booting
> -        (blinking, & keeps on blinking).
> Next please!
> With regards,
> Prof S W Damle

For booting Windows from another drive than hd0, you probably need to
add the 'swap'

label localboot
  menu default
  menu label ^1. Boot WinXP/Win98/Win2000
  com32 chain.c32
  append hd1,1 swap

You can also include HDT and see there how your BIOS sees your
internal hard drive,
and on which partition your Windows install is.

label hdt
  menu label ^2. Hardware Detection Tool
  com32 hdt.c32

- Gert Hulselmans

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