[syslinux] Support for boot WinCE from disk

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Sat Mar 31 08:22:03 PDT 2012

Op 31-3-2012 13:47, Otavio Salvador schreef:

> Chainload is not the better alternative for our case but we do need to
> load it and boot.
> Is there any documentation or reference about a non-Linux loader I can
> use while writting the loader for it?

I'm not aware of how different WinCE is to regular Windows's bootloaders 
(boot.ini/ntdetect.com or BCD/bootmgr) but perhaps ReactOS's FreeLDR 
works for your case as it's supposed to be able to load Win2003 already 

It seems odd to target WinCE with all those other Windows Embedded (and 
Mobile) operating systems around, guess you got your reasons :)

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