[syslinux] PXE looping on localboot

Pascal Legrand Pascal.Legrand at univ-orleans.fr
Thu May 24 07:22:10 PDT 2012

> I have seen posts about this problem, but have had trouble finding how/if it was resolved. I am trying to upgrade from syslinux-3.11 to syslinux-3.86 on RHEL5.
> On 3.86, when it performs a local boot from hard disk, it just keeps looping back into PXE boot again instead of booting from the hard disk. It will perform a system install just fine, but when it switches to localboot after the install, it keeps looping through PXE boot.
> The file in pxelinux.cfg looks like this:
> #boot
> This works just fine in 3.11. I also noticed that in 3.86, there's a message on the console about "!PXE entry point not found" which I don't see in 3.11. The hardware involved is IBM BladeCenter HS21, with onboard Broadcom gigabit ethernet.
> Is there a solution for this problem?
> Mike Waldron
> _________________________________________

here is mine :
#Boot local
        LABEL BootNormal
        MENU LABEL Boot local
        COM32 chain.c32
        APPEND hd0

not sure it's the solution for your problem


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