[syslinux] Illegal OpCode

Denie Andriessen denie at bokxing.nl
Thu Nov 8 07:09:38 PST 2012

Could it be it's not a real x86 compatible machine?

Had some problem with a HPZ800 trying to run memtest86+,

Got a reply from that list (about memtest)
"" Memtest86+ only works with "PC compatible" computer on an "x86 

Even if the hardware is the same, some rare computers are not strictly
"PC Compatible" because they didn't follow the established standards
and relies on proprietary protocols.

HP Z-Series Workstations, IBM HS22/38xx servers and Apple computers are 


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> Hi to all,
> While trying to install syslinux on small (700 MB) FAT16 Partition on HP 
> Server got Red Screen of Death with a register dump.
> Illegal OpCode
> EAX=00001F01 EBX=000001A4 ECX=00000000 EDX=00000019F
> EBP=0000FBFA ESI=000007BE EDI=00000800
> DS=0000 ES=0000 FS=0000 GS=0000
> CS:EIP=0000:000083A6 SS:ESP=1000:0000AFF6
> EFLAGS=00000206
> Tested many versions of syslinux: from 3.63 to 4.06: unfortunately the 
> same
> It works on "normal" PC, e.g. without HP RAID controller
> Can somebody interpret the register dump?
> Any other idea?
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Fred
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