[syslinux] [PATCH] nictype.c32: PXELINUX module to display UNDI NIC bus type...

Shao Miller sha0.miller at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 12:52:07 PST 2012

On 11/22/2012 20:59, Shao Miller wrote:
> Applies to Syslinux 4.06.  Attached, below, and available at:
>     Repository: git://git.zytor.com/users/sha0/syslinux.git
>     Branch: nictype

Please carbon-copy Torgeir for future discussion in this particular thread.

I have updated the branch mentioned above to include a new '--fallback' 
feature for the '--config' option, as well as a new '--label' option.

Unfortunately, the '--fallback' option cannot be used with the '--label' 
option at this time because trying to call a label, whether it exists or 
not, does not return to the caller; it terminates the COMBOOT32 module 
before attempting to jump to the label.  Thus the fall-back will be 
whatever Syslinux has been given with the most recently loaded 
config-file's DEFAULT directive.  If someone has an idea for a 
work-around, I'd be interested. :)

Here is the new usage statement:

   Usage: nictype.c32 [--config | --label] [--fallback <command>]

     --config will try to load a config-file with the name VVVVDDDD
     --label will try to jump to a label with name VVVVDDDD
     --fallback specifies a label or command to run if --config fails

   VVVV is the VENdor code and DDDD is the DEVice code, for PCI and
   CardBus NICs.

- Shao Miller

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