[syslinux] chain.c32 for tianocore EDK2 DUET EFILDR

Shao Miller sha0.miller at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 03:37:38 PDT 2012

Just pushed a hacky commit[1] to an "efildr_hack" branch at
git.zytor.com/users/sha0/syslinux.git  The commit message goes:

  This introduces support for chaining to tianocore's EDK2's DUET's EFILDRs.
You should use EFILDR for FAT12, EFILDR16 for FAT16, EFILDR32 or EFILDR64
(depending on the architecture) for FAT32.

  Usage: chain.c32 efildr=<filename>

  where <filename> is the appropriate EFILDR filename.

Might be handy for anyone wanting to boot DUET from Syslinux.

Not suggested for Syslinux master, as it is hacky.

- Shao Miller


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