[syslinux] memdisk parameters in windows pe.

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es wird inzwischen im Syslinux ein WIM-boot diskutiert.

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On 10/26/2012 18:51, Zerø Sum wrote:
> thank you very much for your support sha0, i find that's an excellent 
> approach; i didn't know memdisk could handle multiple arguments in 
> initrd. i'll try this right away.

I've always meant to try it out, but can't remember having ever done so. 
  The "initrd=xxx,yyy" logic wants to make sure that each chunk is padded at the end to a 4-byte boundary, but since typical disk sectors are 512 bytes, that means no padding is required, so all the pieces should just fit together as an indistinguishable whole HDD image, as far as MEMDISK is concerned.  Compressed pieces won't work, however.

So please report your results. :)

> i also read the former request for an mdiskchk for windows, that's how 
> i found out about the mailing list. what happened to the windows 
> mdiskchk in the end?

The incomplete Windows version is sitting here on my computer. :(  The priority isn't high enough on the to-do list just now, I'm afraid. 
Please check again in a month.

> by the way, i also read about the recent linux.c32 patch and its new 
> support for wimboot; i searched around a little, and it seems that it 
> would save me a lot of ram usage, as i'd only need to load boot.wim 
> and not the whole iso, plus ram space is used more rationally. however 
> i did not find much reference for using wimboot with syslinux (nor do 
> i have an exact knowledge about wimboot ot wim images in general). is 
> there some reference somewhere i could learn from?

You're asking about wimboot, which is relatively new, and using it with Syslinux, for which patches were submitted this morning but haven't been merged yet, as far as I know.  A patch for wimboot is pending, too.  If these patches are accepted, then someone can write a guide for using wimboot with Syslinux.  Right now, that might be a premature effort.

> again, thanks a lot for your help. : )

You're welcome, I'm sure.

- Shao Miller
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