[syslinux] Syslinux "new" vs "old": strange difference on USB flash set-up

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 12 23:08:03 PDT 2013

>  "2.Bad":   The Knoppix "splash" consists of just the two text lines with
>             the "boot: " prompt at bottom on an ugly
>             Blue background.
>             NO Vitruvian Penguin in sight :(
> 1.  Weird.
> 2.  On "2.Bad", it seems the loader doesn't/cannot paint the graphical logo
>     ('logo.16' in the 'boot.msg').
One possibility is that the "ASCII 24" character in DISPLAY files 
(which indicates the presence of the LSS16 filename) is being parsed 
incorrectly in Syslinux 5.xx.

Considering that 16-bit code for COMBOOT was dropped out from 
Syslinux 5.xx, the other possibility is that Syslinux 5.xx is not 
supporting LSS16 files at all.

I would suggest using Syslinux 4.06 official binaries.


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