[syslinux] gpxelinux.0 Unable to locate configuration file while pxelinux.0 works

peter Sjoberg lpaseen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 14:01:53 PDT 2013

I have a situation very similar to whats in 

The server is setup to provide info over dhcp+tftp and I'm planning on
chaning that to dhcp+http so I copied gpxelinux.0 to pxelinux.0 and
started failing.
The client (in my case it's a hp proliant BL460c G7) manage to get
gpxelinux.0 loaded but when it comes to load the config file it slowly
walks down the pxelinux.cfg/* files until it hits the end and give up.

On server side I see the first requests for gpxelinux.0 but after that
it's nothing coming, even checked with tcpdump and nothing from the
client ip.
I have tried the precompiled version of gpxelinux.0 of version
4.02,4.04,4.06 & 5.01 - all fail. 
Use pxelinux.0 with everything else the same and it works.

Any clue on what is going on? What can I do (besides stay with tftp)?

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