[syslinux] Syslinux 6.xx new directory structure and binary files

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 1 04:46:03 PDT 2013

Hello Syslinux Team,

To reduce the recurrent issues regarding new locations for binary 
files (bios/efi32/efi64), I'd like to suggest adding this important 
change to NEWS, in the "6.00" section (not retroactively, of course, 
just from now on).

IMHO, this is the most simple way for users to clearly notice this 
relevant change. When users want to find out "what's new" (even 
retroactively), they usually read the NEWS / change-log / history 

By adding this change in NEWS (under "Changes in 6.00"), I am hoping 
that users would be more aware regarding this new directory 
structure. Instead of initially failing and then asking the same 
question once again (or wrongly reporting this as a bug, or thinking 
that binaries are no longer included), having this relevant info in 
NEWS would save some time to at least some users, also reducing the 
need to answer about this issue yet again.

I know the directory structure change was already mentioned in 
previous emails, the IRC, and in the Syslinux Wiki. But by the time a 
user searches (and with some luck, perhaps finds) those comments (as 
troubleshooting steps), some initial failure has already happen, some 
time has been already wasted. Explicitly mentioning this change in 
the 6.00 change-log (in NEWS), would eventually trigger the same 
addition into other documents that are based on the official NEWS 

Please kindly consider this suggestion / request.


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