[syslinux] bug in syslinux 6.01 with gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 2 01:29:43 PDT 2013

> Hello,
> I notice a bug in syslinux 6.01 ( bios version ) when I install it in a
> USB flash drive ( FAT32 partition ) and when I want to boot this USB
> flash drive with a gigabyte motherboard ( GA-P31-DS3L ),
> I setup my usb flash drive ( 4 Gb ) like this in windows XP :
> syslinux.exe -m -a -i -d /boot/syslinux H:
> then I create a syslinux.cfg menu and I add these files :  chain.c32
> libcom32.c32 libutil.c32 memdisk menu.c32 vesamenu.c32
> the bug : the system freeze immediatly after booting the USB flash
> drive, I can see the menu created by syslinux.cfg but I can't use the
> keyboard,
Have you tried 6.02-pre15?
What type of keyboard connection are you using? PS/2 or USB?
How is your BIOS keyboard set up: legacy USB enabled or disabled?

Those details might help narrow down the problem.


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