[syslinux] bug in syslinux 6.01 with gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L

Barto mister.freeman at laposte.net
Fri Aug 2 03:07:59 PDT 2013

> Do you see the boot prompt?

yes I see the boot prompt, the boot process seems Ok ( boot prompt is
showed if I delete syslinux.cfg file, menu is showed if I create a
syslinux.cfg file ) but the system freezes ( the keyboard doesn't
respond, unable to do a CRTL-ALT-SUPPR, the only solution is to do a
hard reset )

> Tried 4.07 or 4.06?  Tried installing 4.04 then skip using "-m" with other
> versions?

I tried only 6.01 and 4.04 versions, each time I use these switchs for
6.01 and 4.04 versions :

syslinux.exe -m -a -i -d /boot/syslinux H:

I will try the 6.02 version and the 5.9 version and I will post the results

> Any chance of trying a PS/2 keyboard if your current one is USB?

I have already tried with a PS/2 keyboard and also with an USB keyboard,
there is no change, the system always freezes with syslinux 6.01,

but with syslinux 4.04 it's Ok ( PS/2 keyboard and USB keyboard )

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