[syslinux] build for ARM (rpi)

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Mon Aug 5 06:30:56 PDT 2013

Op 2013-08-05 om 12:29 schreef Dash Four:
> Gene Cumm wrote:
> >On Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 5:24 PM, Dash Four <mr.dash.four op googlemail.com> wrote:
> >>Is there a way I could build this package for ARM (Raspberry Pi)?
> >>
> >>I am using Pidora (Fedora mix for rpi), but can't find the source for this
> >>package in any of their repos
> >>(http://pidora.ca/pidora/releases/18/packages/source/SRPMS/s/) and tried to
> >>build this based on the spec file provided with the sources, but there is an
> >>ExclusiveArch  statement in that file (ExclusiveArch: i386 i486 i586 i686
> >>athlon pentium4 x86_64), prohibiting building on ARM-based arches. Thanks.
> >
> >Just the installer or the entire package?  For the boot loader,
> >there's (historically) too much dependency on x86 BIOS.  With porting
> >to EFI32/EFI64, it's becoming more of a possibility but not there.
> >
> >If you just want the installer on an RPi for booting x86, this should
> >be closer to a possibility, perhaps with just a 'make clean; make
> >installer' (adjusted for architecture if 6.00+)
> Well, I am preparing the image using livecd-creator to install all
> the packages. This never completes, however, because there is a
> dependency on the syslinux package, which is never satisfied since I
> can't build that package.
> The actual boot loader is unlikely to be used at all, since
> RaspberryPi has its own way of booting up (it relies on its GPU):
> when powered up, *only* the GPU is active, which reads certain files
> on the first partition (config.txt, cmdline.txt to name just a few),
> parses the options specified in those boot up files, then it brings
> the CPU up, loads the kernel image from the same partition and
> transfers control over.
> So, since my only purpose of using syslinux is to satisfy the
> dependencies when creating the actual image (I then extract the
> kernel/initramfs images and use the root system), I only need
> syslinux to "fool" livecd-creator that I have that package
> installed, but I am unable to do that at present since I can't build
> the actual package (rpm), hence my initial query.

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