[syslinux] build for ARM (rpi)

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Mon Aug 5 10:29:58 PDT 2013

Op 2013-08-05 om 16:11 schreef Dash Four:
> Geert Stappers wrote:
> >Op 2013-08-05 om 12:29 schreef Dash Four:
> >>Well, I am preparing the image using livecd-creator to install all
> >>the packages. This never completes, however, because there is a
> >>dependency on the syslinux package, which is never satisfied since I
> >>can't build that package.
> >>
> >>The actual boot loader is unlikely to be used at all, since
> >>RaspberryPi has its own way of booting up (it relies on its GPU):
> >>when powered up, *only* the GPU is active, which reads certain files
> >>on the first partition (config.txt, cmdline.txt to name just a few),
> >>parses the options specified in those boot up files, then it brings
> >>the CPU up, loads the kernel image from the same partition and
> >>transfers control over.
> >>
> >>So, since my only purpose of using syslinux is to satisfy the
> >>dependencies when creating the actual image (I then extract the
> >>kernel/initramfs images and use the root system), I only need
> >>syslinux to "fool" livecd-creator that I have that package
> >>installed, but I am unable to do that at present since I can't build
> >>the actual package (rpm), hence my initial query.
> >
> >Welcome to the world outside of x86
> What's that supposed to mean?

As it says 'Welcome to the world outside of x86'

It is a "Welcome", so a friendly greeting.
And it implies that you are entering a new world.

Feel comfortable, you are about to learn more about your known (x86 only) world
by discovering a new world, this time the Rpi world. You will see
different bootloaders, cross-compilers, executable formats.

Back to the original topic:

  Reconsider the (hard??) dependency on Syslinux by "livecd-creator".

Or even to use something else as a "CD creator"

Geert Stappers
Leven en laten leven

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