[syslinux] com32 module compatibility between 5.x versions

Pete Batard pete at akeo.ie
Sat Aug 10 08:02:38 PDT 2013

On 2013.08.10 04:07, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>> My application already its own version of the Syslinux installer [1],
>> and simply requires the relevant ldlinux.sys file to be provided.
> But that, too, is version-specific.

I think there may be a misunderstanding here.

Are you saying that when installing ldlinux.sys + ldlinux.bss v5.01 on a 
FAT filesystem, the installer needs to perform something different than 
when when installing ldlinux.sys + ldlinux.bss v5.10 (outside of the 
differences prompted by the bss itself)?

So far I haven't found any major differences in the processing of these 
two files for FAT installation of Syslinux between 4.06 and 5.10, so 
that would be news to me. If there exist any differences in the steps to 
install a .sys+.bss from one version to the next, I would of course very 
much like to get an overview of what they are, so that I can update my app.

I didn't mention the bss until now, because that's a 512 bytes file and 
not much of a concern. Of course, if the idea is that we would append 
ldlinux.sys to isolinux.bin, ldlinux.bss would preferably have to be 
appended to.

Would an isolinux.bin that includes ldlinux.sys + ldlinux.bss from the 
same version as the ISO's .c32 still not be enough to get Syslinux 
installed on USB, and working with these modules?



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