[syslinux] Booting second label

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 14 03:10:50 PDT 2013

> Hi Ady
> I tried removing Syslinux TIMEOUT and typing 'wdt' but the 'linuxfoo'
> label is still not called. I have to enter it manually and it will
> start. 
 Well, that means that it is not completely failing with such cfg 
file. Only the 'timeout=120' is not working.

> The "timeout=120" parameter is for the kontron_wdt.c32 watchdog. So
> the system will reset after 120 seconds if the watchdog hasn't been
> serviced. 
 Note that the timeout change I mentioned was to remove the 'timeout 
5' directive for testing purposes; I left the 'timeout=120' parameter 
as it was before.
 Please also note the additional 2 changes I suggested: the DEFAULT 
directive and the space character between 'default_label=' and the 
label itself. Using 'default_label= linuxfoo' is not the same as 
'default_label=linuxfoo' (without a space character in between).

I am still wondering if using official binaries of version 4.06 and 
version 4.07 for testing purposes would result in the exact same 
behavior each time. With the information we currently have, it is 
more difficult to determine whether the problem is in your re-build, 
the specific version of Syslinux, or something else.

Perhaps Erwan Velu can enlighten us.


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