[syslinux] Which version shall i choose ?

Christoph Hanle christoph.hanle at leinpfad.de
Sat Aug 17 03:48:11 PDT 2013

Hi all,
I need some suggestions or hints which syslinux version I shall use.
The main focus will be on PXE boot.
I have to upgrade due to (expected) performance problems (tftp), so I
will swich to HTTP boot !

existing system:
- syslinux version 4.05 (tftp only)
- used modules : pxelinux.0, memdisk, vesamenuc32, patched startrom.0
- I boot .nbi , .iso, .ima and sometimes files (clonezilla etc.)
- size of the .nbi and .iso : up to 25 MB
- one main menu (1st. level)and up to 5 submenues (2nd level)
- 1 GBit backbone , 100Mbit to the clients
- 1000 boots a day , can be 200 boots within half an hour
- same files and menus exist 1:1 (without nbi ) on bootable USB-sticks
and a multiboot CD.
- every kind of PC / Laptop / Server Hardware will be processed (except
UEFI only assets).
- live and stable in production since 2006 on up to 10 locations.

The new systen has following requirements:
- get rid of .nbi boot (plus startrom.0)
- 2x1Gbit (later on 10 Gbit) backbone, 1Gbit for the clients
- the "standard" .iso will grow to 60MB or more
- switch from TFTP to HTTP (at least for the .isos)
- must be live for production at all locations at the 1st of April 2014
- old (?) problems with some Dell assets with Broadcom Nics must be
fixed (syslinux version 4.10)
- adaptable to usb-boot and multibootCD
- UEFI boot (for production usage) is not part of this project

Unfortunally i will get next week the first 60MB.iso for testing.

I hope all of this info helps you to give me a good suggestion which
version I can / shall implement in my lab for doing the upgrade.


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