[syslinux] Which version shall i choose ?

Christoph Hanle christoph.hanle at leinpfad.de
Sat Aug 17 09:08:18 PDT 2013

THX, helps a lot

On 17.08.2013 15:09 Gene Cumm wrote:
> Can you deal with a client taking 1-4 minutes to just fetch files?  If
> not, you will have a performance issue.
Unfortunally not, the performance issue is known )-:

> Where does startrom.0 come from?  Some Windows file?
I don't know, it is build by the company where we get the .nbis from
> So planning to direct load of kernel/initrd files or use MEMDISK?
Use of MEMDISK as standard and for mass production.
kernel/memdisk will be only used for non critical software, but this can
change each day.

>> - the "standard" .iso will grow to 60MB or more
> I don't know any tftpd that can't handle this (albeit slowly).
The performance will be the problem. For now we have for more than 50
boots (25 MB images) at the same time a significant performance problem,
if additional assets boot there can be a stop until the first assets
have finished their booting, independent of the tftp implementation.
So i will get rid of tftp.

>> - switch from TFTP to HTTP (at least for the .isos)
>> - must be live for production at all locations at the 1st of April 2014
> That's quite a bit of time away.  Any idea how much testing needs to
> be completed first?
the syslinux-part is less than 1/5th of the changings I have to do;
and it is not visible to the end users, they expect a running and fast
>> Unfortunally i will get next week the first 60MB.iso for testing.
> For a first run at this time, I'd consider gpxelinux.0 from 4.07 or
> perhaps 5.01/5.02-pre3/5.11-pre9 and keep an eye on bug #19 (
> http://bugzilla.syslinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19 ) for possibly
> switching to lpxelinux.0.
Yes, makes sense.
I think I will use gxpelinux.0 from 4.07 or 4.05 for "quick and dirty"
boot and have the 5.1x with gpxelinux.0 or lpxelinux.0 in the lab and
testing phase.


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