[syslinux] Which version shall i choose ?

Christoph Hanle christoph.hanle at leinpfad.de
Sat Aug 17 13:02:52 PDT 2013

On 17.08.2013 18:22 Bernd Blaauw wrote:
> Christoph Hanle schreef op 17-8-2013 18:08:
>> I think I will use gxpelinux.0 from 4.07 or 4.05 for "quick and dirty"
>> boot and have the 5.1x with gpxelinux.0 or lpxelinux.0 in the lab and
>> testing phase.
> Wouldn't iPXE be an option? It might have a couple of menu options
> nowadays, like Syslinux always has had.
> http://ipxe.org/wimboot
In theory: yes, but for now i don't know how to implement ipxe with the
same (menue) functions i have on the existing systems.
I have not yet an understanding how to implement this.

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