[syslinux] logging location of tftpd-hpa

John McDonnell mcdonnjd at pcam.org
Mon Aug 26 06:35:39 PDT 2013

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> Subject: [syslinux] logging location of tftpd-hpa
> On my previous TFTP server I had logging. I did see all requests in
> On my current TFTP server I have also added the options '-v -v -v', but
> logging. At least I can't find it them in /var/log/*/*
> Where does tftpd-hpa writes it's logging?
> Groeten
> Geert Stappers

What OS are you running? Did you build from source or use a pre-built
package? On my FreeBSD system, the logs for tftpd-hpa are in /var/log.
Filename is xferlog.

John D McDonnell
Penn Cambria School District
mcdonnjd at pcam.org
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