[syslinux] through mailinglist

Ruben Kerkhof Check stappers at stappers.nl
Mon Dec 16 12:50:19 PST 2013

Op 2013-12-16 om 22:03 schreef Ady:
> Regards,
> Ady.
> PS:
> @Ruben, I haven't received your email(s) in my email client. To be 
> able to reply to your email, it was necessary for me to retrieve it 
> from Syslinux Archives and import it into my email client. Perhaps 
> there is something unusual in your original email in relation to the 
> email addresses or in relation to your subscription to the Syslinux 
> mailing list.

 To me is Ruben a ML subscriber as al of us.
 I think it might go wrong on the recieving end ...

Geert Stappers
with his own E-mail adress and checking on Rubens Name ...
Leven en laten leven

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