[syslinux] Mostly for google: syslinux.cfg to install\use on xp+ntfs only

Regid Ichira regid23 at nt1.in
Mon Feb 11 12:16:38 PST 2013

On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 03:23:46PM +0200, Ady wrote:
> If you want help, you would need to provide more detailed info. For 
> example, the content of the cfg file, the exact installation command, 
> the content of the directory where you installed SYSLINUX, and any 
> error messages (after executing the installation command and/or after 
> booting).

  I am now able to use syslinux the way I wanted to.  As pointed by
Matt Fleming, part of the problem was not having some files in the
syslinux working directory.  I am not sure what made all the other
glitches go away.

  The next question I was facing was:

  What should an XP installation should have in its syslinux.cfg in
order to install and boot XP, from within XP?

The hardware is a stand alone machine. One hd, with 2 partitions.  XP
installation CD was booted.  The CD installed XP into the 1st 
partition.  The other partition is empty.


    syslinux.exe --activate --directory /other/syslinux/ --force
                 --install --mbr c:

seem successful.  The following cfg was copied to 
/other/syslinux/syslinux.cfg before syslinux.exe was run:

    prompt   150
    display  /other/syslinux/syslinux.cfg
    default  xp
    label xp
            com32  chain.c32
            append hd0 1 ntldr=/ntldr
    label memtest
            kernel /others/syslinux/memtest86+.bin
The /other/syslinux/ has the following files:

    chain.c32     ldlinux.c32  libcom32.c32  memtest86+.bin
    syslinux.cfg  ldlinux.sys  libutil.c32   syslinux.exe

where ldlinux* were put there by syslinux.exe.

( There is most probably a problem with memtest86+.bin.  I assume it
  is irelevant for this list.)

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