[syslinux] Syslinux 6.00 released

Igor Sverkos igor.sverkos at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 1 03:07:48 PDT 2013


Matt Fleming wrote:
>> [...]
>> Debian will copy *everything* from inc. When it is an ia64 system,
>> they will remove the ia32 and x84_64 headers (so you should be unable
>> to build syslinux in ia64 on Debian, too).
> To my knowledge, Syslinux has not been tested on ia64. Despite the fact
> that it uses a version of EFI, I very much doubt it would work out of
> the box without quite a bit of hacking.

Well, this wasn't my point. I don't care about i64 :)

I just wanted to say, that per default, gnu-efi will only install the
headers for your architecture. So when you are on x86_64, gnu-efi will
only install x86_64 related files. No ia32 and or ia64 for example.
When you now call "make efi32" on syslinux source, to get a
EFI-version of syslinux, this call will fail, because syslinux will
require ia32 headers, which aren't installed by gnu-efi's Makefile per
default as I thought I'd explained in my previous mail (if I am not

Debian seems to have a workaround: Their changes to gnu-efi will
override gnu-efi's default behavior. On an x86_64 system on Debian,
you will end with x86_64 headers *and* ia32 headers, that's why you
are able to call 'make efi32' on Debian x86_64 systems.

So my question is:
1) Is gnu-efi's behavior right? Should gnu-efi only install x86_64
headers on a x86_64 system and no ia32 (and or ia64 headers)?

Maybe there's just a mistake and they forgot to also install ia32 on x86_64.

2) If gnu-efi's behavior is right, is it than correct to depend on
ia32 in syslinux ('make efi32')? Or do we need another switch to build
an EFI-version for x86_64 only?


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