[syslinux] Problems with gfxboot.c32

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at gmx.com
Wed Jul 3 06:02:19 PDT 2013

Am 03.07.2013 14:11, schrieb Matt Fleming:
> On Wed, 03 Jul, at 12:22:52PM, Andreas Heinlein wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am currently trying to get the gfxboot archive from Ubuntu 12.04
>> working with gfxboot.c32 under BIOS, using ISOLINUX 6.
>> AFAIK, the Ubuntu patches have been added in 4.03, and in fact it
>> works with the official 4.05 release, but not with 5.10 or
>> 6.01-pre5.
>> I can tell that the menu is actually working, you just don't see it.
>> If you navigate it "blind", the correct entries start as usual.
>> What I get is a blank screen with a little gray rectangle in the
>> bottom left corner, whereas a picture from "access.pcx" should be
>> displayed instead. If you press "Esc" to get to the actual menu, the
>> rectangle disappears and the screen is all blank. If you then press
>> "Esc" again to leave gfxboot mode, the usual "You are about to leave
>> GUI mode...." dialog appears, except that there is no text, just the
>> window frame and the buttons. You can enter text mode from here, and
>> then everything works like it should.
>> Any ideas how to debug this?
> Probably the best way to debug this is to try and work out which
> features aren't working correctly, and produce the minimal config
> necessary to reproduce the bug.
> Which would be as simple as,
>    menu background splash.png
> FYI, I've grabbed the 12.10 Ubuntu install cd and am in the process of
> debugging this.
I had to add at least one boot entry to get a working config, so I ended 
up with this isolinux.cfg:

label live
   menu label ^Try Ubuntu without installing
   kernel /casper/vmlinuz
   append  file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper 
initrd=/casper/initrd.lz quiet splash --
menu background splash.png
ui vesamenu.c32

This works. Now just substitute 'ui vesamenu.c32' with 'ui gfxboot 
bootlogo', and I get the described behaviour. I used isolinux-debug.bin 
this time, but the last line I get is "Initializing gfx code...", and 
then the screen goes black.


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