[syslinux] Unable to boot with syslinux-5.1x from git

Igor Sverkos igor.sverkos at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 11 16:54:21 PDT 2013


well, I was finally able to build syslinux-5.11-pre8 from git, but the
system doesn't boot with the self-compiled version. All I see is:


Build log can be found in http://www.syslinux.org/archives/2013-July/020452.html

After I installed the self-compiled syslinux version, I run this commands:

# cd /boot/extlinux
# rm -rf *.c32
# extlinux --upgrade /boot/extlinux
# cp -n /usr/share/syslinux/*.c32 /boot/extlinux
# dd bs=440 conv=notrunc count=1 if=/usr/share/syslinux/gptmbr.bin of=/dev/sda
# reboot

(/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf is untouched)

...but this seems not to be related to syslinux-5.11-pre8.

syslinux-5.10 from source (=the tarball you provide) does work.

I also tried syslinux-5.10 from git - same error.

So there must be something wrong when I build from git. CFlags?
LDFlags? UPX? I have absolute no idea where to start debugging with
this error.

If you think this is worth to debug, I am happy to follow your commands ;)
If you don't think this is worth to debug (because building from
tarball will work and you will ever release such an archive), I can
understand (I tried to build from source, because I am unable to boot
memtest 4.20 from PXE with 5.10 release and read in the ML that this
should be fixed in 5.11...).


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