[syslinux] make efi64 install in syslinux-6.02-pre3 fail

Shao Miller sha0.miller at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 12:31:29 PDT 2013

On 7/12/2013 14:22, Michael Szerencsits wrote:
> Am 12. Juli 2013 15:06:54 schrieb Matt Fleming <matt at console-pimps.org>:
>> Which installer? I would hazard a guess that the installer is also bios
>> specific and is going to need to be tailored for EFI boot anyway.
> It's a little be complex.
> It's a DVD based installer where I try to change this to be installable
> via network.
> The DVD are masterpreloads from a Notebook company. I think you know
> which :-)

Which one, just out of curiosity?

> We have a lot of this notebook to install so it's easier to do this via
> network (also different models/types).
> OK, now the problem:
> You are right, the old versions of the installer (XP and Win7) run under
> BIOS. The new (Win8) require EFI boot.
> I test it with BIOS boot, but the preload install script from this
> company check if the boot is EFI or legancy.
> If it's not EFI it stop with the info that the boot methode must be EFI.

What is the "preload install script"?  Is the DVD El-Torito-bootable and 
it runs something which reports that the system must be EFI _before_ it 
boots any OS?

> Next I tried to boot via some windows pxe methodes and
> wimboot to only need some boot files and the wim image. But when I do it
> this way the installer fail with the info that the system
> must be booted from CD/DVD.

If you are using PXE, then that's along the same lines as BIOS.  If they 
want EFI, that's a stronger requirement than CD/DVD.  If you are certain 
that the OS can be installed to a non-EFI system, then your PXE method 
doesn't seem like it matches whichever PXE method the OS supports.

> I tried to change the installer and also found the registry key with the
> boot info, but the installer perform a wpeutil
> which set the registry back to 'ramdisk' when I not boot from CD or
> stored iso image in memdisk.
> It's very frustrating

Perhaps there is a supported network-boot-installation process for this 
OS.  If you can find the NBP and DHCP parameters it needs, you can 
likely chain the Network Bootstrap Program from a nice PXELINUX menu.

- Shao Miller

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