[syslinux] make efi64 install in syslinux-6.02-pre3 fail

Shao Miller sha0.miller at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 17:49:12 PDT 2013

On 7/15/2013 05:35, Michael Szerencsits wrote:
>> Which one, just out of curiosity?
> They are Sony notbooks


> The CD is based on Windows PE. It can be bootet in BIOS and EFI mode.
> I already tried the bootmgfw.efi from Windows. This work, but after the WinPE is booted a program is stated and this check the BIOS
> if it is set to EFI boot. If not it fail. This program also check the registry for the boot media.
> I tried to manually change it from Ramdisk to CDROM, but before it check the registry it call a program named wpeutil and this change
> the registry back to Ramdisk. I also can't rename the wpeutil because than the program fail.
> I tried to set the bootmode to legancy and was able to boot and run the program, but before start to recover the system it checks the
> boot mode and than it fails with the message that it isn't set to EFI.
> The previos version of the recovery CD (WinXP and Win7) use a similar script, but doesn't require EFI. I also can't use the older script
> for the new systems, because the notebook types are hard coded in the script.

If the Windows OS is running and a program is checking for an optical 
disc drive, then you really need one of:
- A physical optical disc drive with the expected disc
- A virtual optical disc drive with the expected disc

Are you using either of these right now?  If you are using a physical 
OD, does it have a Syslinux EFI on it?  If you are [thinking about] 
using a virtual OD, which Windows driver will you use to drive it?

Even if there was a (U)EFI MEMDISK, you'd need an OS driver to drive it, 
since Windows won't be using (U)EFI to access the disc.

- Shao Miller

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