[syslinux] hints about modules needed when migrating to newer releases

Matt Taggart taggart at debian.org
Tue Jul 16 14:31:02 PDT 2013


I am migrating a 4.06 pxelinux setup to a 6.02 one. After changing
pxelinux.0 to the new version, I got "Failed to load ldlinux.c32".
I looked in my debian provided /usr/share/doc/pxelinux/README.txt
(which I think is a copy of doc/pxelinux.txt) and didn't find any
hints. I also looked at


and didn't find anything. Someone in IRC pointed me at


and then it made more sense and I was able to use trial and error to
figure out which modules I needed to get my particular config working.

Maybe you could add short sections to each of the bootloader's
doc/*.txt file and on the wiki saying something like,

"Starting in syslinux 5.00, this bootloader requires additional
modules to be loaded at runtime. Please see the syslinux.txt document
for more general details."

and them maybe suggest more specific hints per type, like:

"For pxelinux this means you will also need ldlinux.c32 in the
tftproot, and may need dependencies like libutil.c32 if you are using

Having something like this would have saved me some time and


Matt Taggart
taggart at debian.org

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