[syslinux] Syslinux 6.01 PXE tftp problem

Jonas Keidel jonas at jonas-keidel.de
Fri Jul 26 01:36:50 PDT 2013


i'm using latest Syslinx 6.01 and try to get the linux kernel booted via
tftp in EFI mode.

My menu entry:
LABEL rescue64
  MENU LABEL ^1. 64-Bit Rescue-System - wheezy - 3.10.2
  LINUX  /rescue/dev-64/vmlinuz
  INITRD /rescue/dev-64/initramfs.cpio.gz
  APPEND ...

If i select the entry i get: "Bad file number!". Over http it works like a
With the pxelinux.0 it works via tftp but not over http.

Do anyone what is the problem?

Best regards.

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