[syslinux] uEFI support for PXELinux 6.0 alpha?

Matt Fleming matt at console-pimps.org
Fri Mar 8 03:58:04 PST 2013

On Fri, 2013-03-08 at 19:38 +0800, Steven Shiau wrote:
> Dear all,
> Is uEFI support for PXELinux 6.0 alpha ready?
> It seems the uEFI boot alpha support is only for syslinux, not PXElinux?
> Or did I miss something?
> Thanks.

There is currently no UEFI PXE support in the 6.00 prereleases, but
support is planned for the near future.

(Where "near future" is likely to mean, I'll start work on it this

Matt Fleming, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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