[syslinux] order of APPEND and INITRD

Alexander Perlis aperlis at math.lsu.edu
Fri Mar 15 15:48:58 PDT 2013

Igor asked about APPEND:
 > In other words: Can I break up a long line into multiple lines
 > in 5.01 or 5.10pre now or is that still not supported?

I also wonder: can one control whether the INITRD parameter gets 
prepended or appended? Right now it seems to be placed after APPEND 
parameters, but might be more useful if it came first.

The Debian/Ubuntu installers will copy parameters after "--" in the 
syslinux config into the grub.cfg to become permanent additional kernel 
parameters for the final installed kernel. Since syslinux seems to place 
the INITRD parameter *after* the APPEND parameters, you would end up 
with a bogus initrd parameter on the installed kernel. Consequently the 
Debian/Ubuntu installers don't seem to use INITRD at all and just have a 
really long APPEND statement.

I recall seeing some discussion on this list of getting rid of INITRD, 
but meanwhile, any harm in having its value precede that of APPEND on 
the kernel parameter line? Then 'APPEND' would become true to its name!


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