[syslinux] Syslinux 5.10pre2 - Failed to load COM32 file ldlinux.c32

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 21 09:31:16 PDT 2013

> Hi everyone,
> this is a follow up to:
> http://www.syslinux.org/archives/2013-March/019666.html
> Same config, same .c32 files are present, same directory structure. With 
> 5.10pre2 I get the error "Failed to load COM32 file ldlinux.c32". At 
> least now I know which file cannot be loaded. But ldlinux.c32 is 
> present! Should I try with isolinux-debug.bin? Should I move everything 
> from /boot/isolinux to /isolinux?
> Regards,
> Mattias
I would suggest adding "PROMPT 1" to you cfg files for 
troubleshooting. If the first "boot:" prompt shows up without any 
other messages, then the initial isolinux.bin + ldlinux.c32 are 
found. If there are additional messages under this situation, please 
report them.

Now, if the initial "boot:" prompt shows up correctly with no 
additional messages, and further steps (executing the default label) 
leads you to some "ldlinux.c32 not found" (or similar), then you 
would probably need to also post here the additional cfg files, and 
the specific (error) messages.

In order to narrow down the source of the problem, you could also try 
testing ifcpu64.c32 with and without using vesamenu.c32 and comparing 
both results. I mean something like:

 *** isolinux.cfg start *** 
DEFAULT switch

LABEL switch
         COM32 /boot/isolinux/ifcpu64.c32
         APPEND sifomenu -- paemenu -- nopamenu

LABEL paemenu
         COM32 /boot/isolinux/hello.c32

LABEL nopamenu
         COM32 /boot/isolinux/hello.c32

LABEL sifomenu
         COM32 /boot/isolinux/hello.c32

 *** isolinux.cfg end *** 

in addition to your original isolinux.cfg (of course, adding all the 
relevant c32 files to /boot/isolinux/).

It would be useful to use the official binaries for these tests, so 
any reports from you can be replicated as close as possible.


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