[syslinux] xorriso issue? - Failed to load COM32 file ldlinux.c32

Mattias Schlenker ms at mattiasschlenker.de
Fri Mar 22 05:24:17 PDT 2013

Am 22.03.2013 11:42, schrieb Thomas Schmitt:
>> Guess I better contact Thomas Schmitt
> Here i am. :))
>> When I build the ISO with different parameters for xorriso it works (omit
>> EFI boot image and isohybrid boot sector).
> So it does not work from CD or DVD if you let xorriso give it
> MBR and GPT ?

That was the case. Now I did another build of the ISO with xorriso 1.2.8 
instead of 1.2.6 and VMware ISO boot it works again. I just tested with 
syslinux 5.10pre2. Looks strange, seems like I did run into some side 
effects. Today I don't have the time to re-build the ISO in different 
combinations, but I'll keep an eye on this topic and do so, if the 
problem should rise again.


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