[syslinux] Problem with pxelinux 5.0 and memtest

Koudai Aono koxudaxi at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 11:23:43 PDT 2013

> Peter, I think this is the bug that appears with the shuffler code
> that we were trying to diagnose before (though I'm not suggesting the
> bug is *in* the shuffler code).
> Wim, are you able to build Syslinux from source? If you've got your
> machines hooked up to a serial console the best chance we have of
> debugging this is for you to uncomment the following line in
> mk/devel.mk,
>     # GCCWARN += -DDEBUG_PORT=0x3f8 -DDEBUG=1 
> and send us the console output. 
Hello Everyone,

I see same error that memtest4.2 can't boot on pxelinux 5.0 and later.
However, linux kernel 3.8 and DOS FD DISK image are ok on one.
also memtest4.2 can boot on isolinux 5.0 which is build from same source

I just pushed the debug log which have boot message of pxelinux 5.1.0
pre2 with memtest4.2.
of course, i did how to get the log that Mr.Fleming said.

Please see this link for debugging syslinux.

AONO Koudai

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