[syslinux] ifcpu[64].c32 functions drop to command line

John McDonnell mcdonnjd at pcam.org
Wed May 1 11:48:03 PDT 2013

> On Behalf Of Gene Cumm
> tftpd-hpa offers the advantage of block number rollover (and the possibility
> of much larger files).  atftpd with PXELINUX should top out about 92 MiB per
> file.

I don't recall if I needed rollover or not for doing RIS, I think I just needed the blksize option. I'll have to double check. As for atftpd topping out at 92MiB, that would be no problem as I mostly pull config files over TFTP. That might change when doing RIS, but I'm not doing that yet. :)
(I think atftp required some patching in order to work with RIS while tftpd-hpa worked out of the box which was another reason I went with it.)

> Same.  pxelinux.0 only speaks to the PXE (which speaks with the UNDI).
>  gpxelinux.0 uses gPXE to speak to the UNDI while lpxelinux.0 has lwIP
> integrated and speaks directly to the UNDI.  All three use the same config
> (minus the additional protocols offered like HTTP, FTP and gPXE's sanboot).

Does having lwIP integrated make much difference when using full blown PCs?

> This makes me think there's an uncooperative UNDI and/or PXE.

I doubt there is an issue with UNDI or PXE these PCs all work with my previous setup running 4.something.
> As HPA said, what are your results booting the *32 and *64 options directly
> (ignoring ifcpu.c32) via gpxelinux.0 and lpxelinux.0 on the 32b and 64b PCs (6
> possible tests).

I didn't test with lpxelinux.0, but it boots perfectly fine if not using ifcpu.c32 on 5.01. I can't remember for certain, but I think I did try with 5.10-pre2 and it had the same problem of not booting from HTTP that using ifcpu did.

> Ctrl-N from the "boot:" prompt should display the network information
> unless the new CLI in 5.xx is interpreting it differently.  I should have been
> more clear about that.
> https://github.com/geneC/syslinux/blob/doc-elflink-for-
> mfleming/txt/syslinux-cli.txt#LC20
> --
> -Gene

When dropping down to the boot: prompt, Ctrl-N doesn't seem to do anything. Unless I've previously typed in a command, in which case it brought up the previous command. I'm guessing it must have changed in 5.x.

John D McDonnell

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