[syslinux] ifcpu[64].c32 functions drop to command line

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Wed May 1 13:49:50 PDT 2013

> > On Behalf Of John McDonnell  
> according to
> http://www.syslinux.org/archives/2013-February/019423.html, ifcpu
> doesn't load labels in 5.01. I guess I'll go back to 5.10-pre2 since
> ifcpu.c32 is working there. Now I just need to figure out the issue
> with booting HTTP on 5.10-pre2. 

May I suggest comparing the behavior between 5.10-pre2 and 5.02-pre3 
(with their respective c32 modules too, of course)?

Both should have ifcpu.c32 working in the same manner (which is 
different from 5.01), but 5.10-pre2 has several additional changes 
(including the lwip merge, among others).

According to their respective behavior, it might narrow down the 
source of the problem (specially if in your setup these 2 versions 
happen to behave differently between each other).


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