[syslinux] Sysinux 6 will not boot ISOs on BIOS (i.e. pre-UEFI) systems

Carl Duff cdrw2400 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 06:30:06 PST 2013

It occured with every BIOS system I tested on (none of them Dell):

1. HP G62 laptop (i3)
2. Samsung  RV520 (i3)

Don't know what system Philip Muller uses; have copied him in as he has far
more technical knowledge than I do. Syslinux tested from Arch and Manjaro
(an Arch derivative). Basically found then when creating latest ISO images.

I may be missing something as well about the FMs. Just didn't have this
problem with Syslinux 4...


On 23 November 2013 13:49, Ady <ady-sf at hotmail.com> wrote:

> > It is impossible to boot Linux-based ISOs that use Syslinux 6.02 via CD
> or
> > DVD on older - non-UEFI - systems. Any attempt to do so will result in
> the
> > following error message: ISOLINUX 6.02 ETCDisolinux: Disk error 01, AX =
> > 4279, drive FE
> Is this happening on "every" system? Or are we talking about specific
> models or with specific characteristics? Is this behavior seen by any
> chance in a Dell? Or only in some specific brand?
> I am assuming that all c32 files where updated too, and that at least
> ldlinux.c32 is included in the ISO together in the same location as
> isolinux.bin, right?
> Are you testing with Syslinux 6.02 from kernel.org? Or is this from
> latest Arch Linux [testing]?
> >
> > It is still possible to boot / install via USB data-stick, and in a
> Virtual
> > Machine. Where using a newer PC with UEFI, even in Legacy mode (and with
> > the UEFI partition completely removed), ISOs using Syslinux 6.02 will
> still
> > go through the UEFI menu.
> >
> > I also noticed that (at least some) OSs not using syslinux 6.02 won't
> > recognise ISOs that do. For example, the file managers of Mint 13,
> Windows
> > 7, and Windows 8 all wrongly "see" blank discs).
> Are you sure that seeing blank discs is related to the version of
> Syslinux? That behavior seems more related to optical media, the
> specific optical drive, the burning software, or the tool to build
> the ISO image, or...
> I wonder if perhaps there is some issue regarding isohibrid.
> Regarding file / archive managers reading ISO files, I don't see how
> it could be related to the version of Syslinux, but perhaps I am
> missing something here.
> Regards,
> Ady.
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