[syslinux] Sysinux 6 will not boot ISOs on BIOS (i.e. pre-UEFI) systems

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Nov 23 20:59:34 PST 2013

On 11/21/2013 02:50 AM, Carl Duff wrote:
> Hi All,

> It is impossible to boot Linux-based ISOs that use Syslinux 6.02 via
> CD or DVD on older - non-UEFI - systems. Any attempt to do so will
> result in the following error message: ISOLINUX 6.02 ETCDisolinux:
> Disk error 01, AX = 4279, drive FE

Error 01 is unsupported operation, 42xx is read, so something is really
really wonky as the machine you are on is reporting that the read
command doesn't exist.  Most likely it is something that is being
misinterpreted as an error indication, but *what* is the big question.

The very early code that emits this message is *identical* between
Syslinux 4 and Syslinux 6.  The biggest difference is the size of
isolinux.bin, so it is possible that that might be the source of the


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