[syslinux] Fwd: Isolinux 5.01 and higher not working on various Dell desktops

Christopher Chavez chrischavez at gmx.us
Tue Nov 26 22:02:15 PST 2013

I recently tried using the latest GParted Live iso (0.16.2-11 i686
PAE) on a few circa-2004 Dell desktops (e.g. Dimension 8400, Precision
370, OptiPlex 170L, all with latest BIOS). However nothing would
appear onscreen after selecting cdrom boot. I managed to modify the
iso and use isolinux-debug.bin, and the output I always received was:

ISOLINUX 6.02 2013-10-13  Copyright (C) H. Peter Anvin et al
isolinux: Starting up, DL = 82
isolinux: Loaded spec packet OK, drive = 82
isolinux: Main image LBA = 0000001E

I then replaced the ISOLINUX version in the iso until usable and kept
only the memtest image; the latest versions that work are 5.00 and
4.07. Other more recent versions (5.01 and higher) have nearly
identical output and do not work. My test iso's (using 4.07, 5.00,
5.01, 5.10, and 6.02), all of which work in VirtualBox (latest
version, 4.3.2), are available: http://goo.gl/zwGHSy

I think my issue may be the same one discussed in "Dell OptiPlex GX620
can longer boot from CD with syslinux-5.X" - http://goo.gl/AIxKLw , as
well as a report discussed elsewhere involving a Precision 670,
"RescueCD Halts @ ISOLINUX 5.01 2013-01-28 ETCD" -
http://goo.gl/X8URRR ; I wouldn't be surprised if more reports out
there are attributable to this issue.

I also have the modified (functional) GParted Live iso available (uses
ISOLINUX 4.07): http://goo.gl/jfYg9J

I would be glad to provide further testing for this issue.

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