[syslinux] Request for the Admin

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 17 07:43:11 PDT 2013

To the Syslinux mailing list administrator(s):

There seem to be some issue when searching the Syslinux mailing list 

To replicate (example):

1_ Open a Google web search page
2_ Search for "site:http://www.syslinux.org/archives/"
3_ Click "Search tools"
4_ Limit the search to "Past month".

Result: no match!

This has been happening for about 10 months or so.

A few mailing list search repositories / engines had kept caching the 
Syslinux mailing list until a few months ago, even after Google 

I know of at least one such mailing list search repository / engine 
based on Google results which eventually moved the Syslinux mailing 
list to "dormant" state. This was on May or June 2013.

The reason this type of searches are important is that users are 
repeating their questions (typically, related to newer versions of 
Syslinux), and I am sure that much time would be saved if a simple 
web search would provide a meaningful result.

If there is anything / something that the Administrator / Owner can 
do (e.g contacting Google and finding out what the problem / reason 
is), I'm sure it will be helpful for all.


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