[syslinux] syslinux fails to make a bootable USB stick in Slackware64-14.1 installer

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Apr 16 14:46:08 PDT 2014

On 04/16/2014 02:15 PM, Didier Spaier wrote:
> Running "syslinux -s /dev/dsb" during installation of Slackware64-14.1
> (to make a bootable USB stick)  fails like this:
> Error converting to codepage 850 Invalid argument
> Cannot initialize 'S:'
> Bad target s:/ldlinux.sys
> syslinux: failed to create ldlinux.sys
> But running the same command in the installed system succeeds.
> In both cases we are using syslinux-4.0.6 (same syslinux binary in the
> initrd and in the installed system, checked with md5sum).
> *But* the same command succeeds in the installer of Slackware-14.0
> (syslinux 4.0.5).
> I didn't find a clue with strace (output appended).
> What should I do to investigate further, or where should I look at?

This message comes from mtools, so it is probably a difference in the
version of mtools that is the problem.


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