[syslinux] SYSLINUX PXE LOCALBOOT Bitlockers

Taylor Jr, Matthew [U.S. Computer Corp] Matthew.Taylor at chevron.com
Mon Apr 28 13:06:30 PDT 2014

Label is OS and I believe there are all booting MBR. Is there a way to clear the memory then continue loading ? or rebooting the machine from the menu.

I have tried that reboot.c32 and cannot get it to reboot the machine.


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> Hello;
> I use Bitlocker on my machines and I notice that when I am in my PXE Menu and I select "Boot to Local Hard Drive" it continues on then bitlockers. I am assuming that the syslinux is still in memory, bitlocker is being triggered because of the change. I need a solution to overcome this. I cannot remove bitlocker from the machines.

What does your LABEL look like?  Are you booting the MBR or VBR?


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