[syslinux] Issues with syslinux_run_command(str) and parameters

Ian Bannerman ian at internals.io
Tue Apr 29 11:55:39 PDT 2014

With the latest 6.03pre I'm seeing an issue where no parameters are passed to the image executed via syslinux_run_command(). 
An example of this is whichsys.c32, which uses this. E.g., using an example from the wiki page - whichsys.c32 -iso- chain.c32 hd0 -sys- chain.c32 hd1 swap - results in a loop back to the isolinux menu as chain.c32 receives no parameters. Similarly, using -iso- memdisk initrd=/myimage.ima displays a memdisk error saying no No ramdisk image specified!
As an awkward test to confirm the problem lies somewhere behind syslinux_run_command, I replaced whichsys.c's call to syslinux_run_command(str) with create_args_and_load(str). In this situation, the whichsys chain.c32 example works without issue. (Of course, create_args_and_load only supports com32 modules, so much of whichsys's load functionality is lost. Not a good solution :).

Any ideas why parameters are being lost with syslinux_run_command?

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