[syslinux] testing out 6.03 network booting...

Andrew Rae A.M.Rae at leeds.ac.uk
Sat Aug 9 13:09:21 PDT 2014

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> From: Matt Fleming [mailto:matt at console-pimps.org]
> Sent: 09 July 2014 19:50
> Hey Andrew,
> Sorry for the delay. Could you provide the packet dumps of the network
> traffic involved in the failed EFI boot?
> Hopefully that will allow us to track down exactly what's going wrong.

Hi Matt,

Appears to all be working under 6.03-pre19 on vmware workstation 8, as well as on a series 8 Asus board I tried with an onboard Intel NIC..

That's in all 4 modes I was trying - BIOS (both pxelinux and lpxelinux), EFI32, EFI64.
I used both HTTP (not in pxelinux) and TFTP to boot from to test each. 

(Apologies again for not getting some packet dumps done before when you'd asked !)


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