[syslinux] Building syslinux on Windows using MinGW

Gene Cumm gene.cumm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 17:08:42 PDT 2014

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 7:23 PM, Shao Miller <sha0.miller at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/14/2014 19:16, Christopher Main wrote:
>> Is there a specific version of MinGW which is supposed to work for this?
>> Any guidelines for building on Windows?
> Which MinGW are you using on Windows and did you encounter an error when you
> tried to build?

Why would you want to build it in general?  Are you looking to make
binaries that are compatible with particular Linux libraries/versions?
 Generally speaking, you can use the precompiled binaries in the
binary/source archive on any x86 machine matching the basic platform
(Linux/x86, Win32, Win64; Most Linux/x64 systems include bits for
executing Linux/x86 binaries) of the particular binary.

Why do you specifically want to build in WIndows on MinGW?  For
starters, you'd need pretty much everything you'd find in a Linux
environment that'd build Syslinux.  This includes gcc, binutils, nasm,
libuuid, perl, and the appropriate cross-platform compiler pieces for


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